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Gak punya kakek lagi. Goodbye, grandpa. You taught me how to ride a bike, how to fix things, how to make toys from just about anything we could found. You taught me to be brave, walk the outdoors through the rice fields, patches of forest and rivers, getting all dirty and muddy afterwards. You took me to kindergarten and 1st grade everyday, brought me my routine nasi-ayam goreng-kecap lunch, and picked me up after school. You inspired me to be a fighter, to never surrender, and be a survivor, a builder, and a maker, just like you were before, during and after the war. You are a living proof that longevity is achieved by keep working, and when you stopped working, your age finally catch up with you. Thank you for all our adventures, all the life lessons, all those different and creative kancil tales everyday. Thank you for all the furnitures you built for us (we still use them until now), the fish pond, the chicken coop, the pathways to our old house, the roof you fixed, the clothesline in the rooftop, and that radio you built that we used to listen to Saur Sepuh and Babad Tanah Leluhur everyday.

[This is where I had to take a pause]

I am sorry I yelled at you, I am sorry I poured salt in your mouth when you were asleep, I am sorry I have mistaken you for a servant before I learned that you are in fact the father of my father, I still carry that regret until now. And I am sorry I never visit you anymore.

Rest in peace, Atung. Nanti kita main lagi ya di sana…

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